Spring Customs

Spring Customs 2021

  • Limited Spots available- Deposit required to hold your place.
  • Deposits are NON-Refundable & go toward your final total.
  • Spots will be available to claim on the website. **CODES & SEZZLE may NOT be used on deposits, but is fine to use on the remaining balance which you will be invoiced for separately.
  • Amount of deposit will vary depending on what type of customs you choose.
  • No more than 4 custom items per spot.


•Destash Customs•
(In-house or NON-Custom fabrics)

$15 Deposit required

I have tons of in house fabrics, that I need to clear out. So many amazing florals, animal prints, tie dyes, solids and so much more. Anything ordered from in house fabrics will have a quicker TAT, considering nothing extra needs to be ordered to complete the item(s). Also falling under this option will be any non-custom fabrics that still must be ordered, TAT may or may not be extended a little more in this case, but that will always be discussed prior to final payment.


•True Customs•
(Custom Fabrics)

$20 Deposit required

This option is for when you want custom items made with custom fabrics, which must be ordered through my printer, as well as may also require me to purchase a custom seamless file from one of my graphic designers. These customs are a little more pricey and require a higher deposit.


**Important Information**

If you are needing a custom completed by a SPECIFIC DATE, (EX- Birthday, Holiday, Scheduled photos/event, etc) Please be sure that I am aware of that ahead of time! I prefer a 3-4 week notice prior to the event in that case, however I may be able to RUSH things for an extra fee added onto your final invoice. Please note that a RUSH option is not always available.

Once Deposit is paid you will then receive an email or personal message on FB (your choice) from me and we will discuss your order in FULL. We will cover all options including price, TAT, and any other questions you may have before I invoice for your remaining total. Your unique TAT will be noted and begins once invoice is paid in full. 

Once final invoice is paid, no changes can be made to your order. No refunds will be allowed. If for any reason you choose not to go through with your custom order BEFORE your total is paid, your deposit will NOT be refunded. But may be used as a deposit for a future custom or used in the form of shop credit at a later date. 

Forward any questions to WLBBCustomerService@gmail.com and please include any order numbers.